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I’m in Oak Ridge, Tennessee – now meeting with my brother and sister after the sudden death of my mother Tuesday AM. I share more on that at a later date…so much has happened. I’ll be down here thru early next week, there is so much to plan and do. It snowed here Tues. and Tues. night and Wed. was clear, calm and beautiful. I was outside around midnight and noted the moon was high overhead.

As the sun slips to it’s southernmost trajectory of the year in December, the full moon climbs high overhead, up to an angle of 68 degrees above the southern horizon shortly after midnight in G.R. and 75 degrees above the horizon here in Oak Ridge. The time of the full moon tonight is 12:12 AM on 12/12 (December 12th).

In 1996, I traveled to Venezuela and saw the full moon directly overhead. BTW, I got recognized while walking down a beach in Venezuela – by a couple visiting from Rockford – pretty amazing.

The full moon of December is called the Cold Moon – for obvious reason. As I write this, the moon is 237,858 miles from the Earth, a touch closer than average. If you were to travel to the moon at 55 mph – it would take you about 1/2 a year to get there. Twelve astronauts walked on the moon during the Apollo Missions between 1969-1972. Only four of the 12 are still alive and all four are in their mid-upper 80s.

Tomorrow evening (13th) we have the peak of the Geminid Meteor Shower. However, the full moon means only the brightest meteors will shine through.

Picture from the G.R. National Weather Service

We also have bright Venus to the Southwest after sunset and to the right of Venus, the planet Saturn.

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