It’s Been a Cloudy Start to Winter

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Pic. above from Jason Helmer shows sunset at Lake Michigan Weds. evening. The sunsets this week are the earliest of the year…5:08 pm in G.R. and 5:10 pm here at the lakeshore.

We had 31% of possible sunshine on Wednesday – In the TWO WEEKS from Nov. 27 through Dec. 10 – we had less than 2 hours of sunshine (118 minutes) or 1.5% of possible sunshine. Since Oct. 24th, G.R. has had just 14% of possible sunshine.

Lakeshore Flood Advisory

There’s a Lakeshore Flood Advisory in effect for areas north of Holland until 7 am on Friday. Gale Warnings will be in effect for waves up to 6-11 feet.

Weather Prediction Center 72-hour Snow Probability of +2″ of Accumulating Snow

The map above from the Weather Prediction Center shows the probability of 2″ or more of accumulating snow in the next 72 hours…the high probability is north of US 10.

Winter Storm Warnings and Advisories

There are Winter Storm Warnings and Winter Weather Advisories for the U.P., N. Wisconsin and far northern Lower Michigan. Warning areas could see up to 8″ of new snow.

Also, Happy Birthday to my wife, Gayle and to reporter Joe LaFurgey, who has been with WOODTV for nearly 30 years.