Michigan’s marijuana regulator recalling vaping product

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LANSING, Mich. (AP/WOOD) — The agency overseeing Michigan’s marijuana business is recalling vaping products containing an additive that health officials have linked to injuries and deaths.

The Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency said Tuesday it’s recalling the vaping cartridges sold by Elite Wellness in Bay City and Mount Morris, near Flint.

The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs says many of the cartridges had levels of vitamin E acetate more than 500 times the limit at which the additive would be detected.

The recalled cartridges were sold between May 15 and Nov. 19 at Elite Wellness Bay City and from Aug. 3 to Nov. 22 at Elite Wellness Mount Morris and included the following products:

Elite Wellness in Bay City

Cereal Cart 1G – 1A4050100000643000001005
• Fruit Loops – Vitamin E detected at 68432 ppm
• Trix – Vitamin E detected at 20192 ppm
• Frankenberry – Vitamin E detected at 44994 ppm
Dank Vape 1G – 1A4050100000643000001058
• Durban Poison – Vitamin E detected at 53755 ppm
• Mimosa – Vitamin E detected at 57011 ppm
• Tangie – Vitamin E detected at 65174 ppm

Elite Wellness in Mount Morris

Cereal Cart 1G – 1A4050100001771000000117

• Honey Nut Cherios – Vitamin E detected at 15738 ppm
• Trix – Vitamin E detected at 105 ppm
• Cocoa Puffs – Vitamin E detected at 25693 ppm
• Captain – Vitamin E detected at 15497 ppm

Monopoly Cart – 1A4050100001771000000130

  • Grape Soda – Vitamin E detected at 14277 ppm
  • Gelato – Vitamin E detected at 156 ppm

Royal Highness Princess Pie – 1A4050100001771000000073 — Vitamin E detected at 23470 ppm

Savage Stick Sundae Driver – 1A4050100001771000000136 —Vitamin E detected at 60299 ppm

Authorities have received reports of 2,409 people being hospitalized because of lung injuries and confirmed 52 deaths, including two in Michigan.