Belmont man runs 2,019 miles during 2019

PLAINFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — A Belmont family is celebrating after their son who has autism ran 2,019 miles for the year. 

Adam Quinn, 22, first took on the challenge last year and completed 2,018 miles. Sunday afternoon, his family met him on White Pine Trail at River Rogue Park as he completed the 2019th mile for this year.

The Quinn family celebrating as Adam completed 2,019 miles over the course of the year. (Dec. 22, 2019)

“I’m really proud of him with everything he does because he’s always pushing himself to do the next thing and trying to always step out of his comfort zone and going that extra mile,” Adam Quinn’s sister Alysse Quinn said.

Quinn’s family says he’s been running since he was in 6th grade. He has competed in 12 marathons to date and has many medals to show for it.

“I think the biggest thing that we’ve always done as a family is supporting him in whatever he wants to do and not letting labels define him,” Adam Quinn’s brother Alex Quinn said.

His family says while it’s just running to him, he’s breaking down barriers, so other people learn to treat those who are different the same as they would anyone else. 

“Do you think you’re going to do 2020 miles?,” News 8’s Whitney Burney asked the runner. 

“Yeah. Yeah I might as well,” Adam Quinn said. 

As far as marathons go, Adam Quinn will be heading to the Berlin for the 2020 Abbott World Marathon.