Great Satellite Pics. of the Great Lakes

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Posted: Dec 23, 2019 / 02:42 AM EST Updated: Dec 23, 2019 / 02:42 AM EST

With mostly clear skies across the Great Lakes on Sunday, the MODIS satellite got some great shots of the lakes. Here’s a wide view of all the Great Lakes. There was a patch of clouds that moved over the G.R. area late morning/noonish. Just north of the clouds there is a jet contrail and you can see that shadow that it is casting. There is also a shadow from the cirrus clouds across Chicago. In Northern Lower Michigan, Burt Lake is ice covered, nearby Mullett Lake is not. There is a little bit of ice in Green Bay and Saginaw Bay.

Lake Superior Satellite Picture

Here’s the zoomed in pic. of Lake Superior. There are cirrus clouds crossing the lake. Inland lakes are frozen and there is snow on the ground. There is ice in a few of the bays (Black Bay, Nipigon Bay, Chequamegon Bay in NW Wisconsin and Duluth Harbor.

Lake Michigan Satellite picture

This pic. of Lake Michigan was taken a little bit after the larger pic. of the entire Great Lakes above. You can see the clouds have moved out of G.R. and Chicago. There is snow on the ground generally north of U.S. 10 and there were a few spots in S. Lower MI, where you could still find a little snow…generally in the forests and north slopes. Shallow Houghton Lake is frozen over, while deeper Higgins Lake to the north of it is not. In Wisconsin, deep Green Lake is open water, while to the north of it, Lake Poygan is frozen over.

Modis Lake Huron satellite picture

The Lake Huron picture shows a little ice along the eastern shore – pushed there by the prevailing west wind.

Modis Lake Erie Satellite picture from Sunday 12 22 19

Here’s the Lake Erie satellite picture…some cirrus clouds, but otherwise clear. You can see the darker lakes standing out in the snow cover.

Lake Ontario Satellite pic. from 12 22 19

The Finger Lakes open water stands out in the snow cover in this Lake Ontario satellite picture. You can see Grand Island, where the Niagara River splits before the falls. Lake Simcoe stands out in the upper left.