Sunniest 3 Days in December Since 2012

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Posted: Dec 24, 2019 / 03:10 AM EST Updated: Dec 24, 2019 / 03:10 AM EST

Sunset at S. Haven Mon. evening

Above is sunset at South Haven Monday evening. Sunrise in downtown G.R. is now at 8:12 am and the sunset is at 5:13 pm. Today we gain a whopping 9 seconds of daylight compared to yesterday.

Sunny and Dry in West Michigan

The last 3 days we have averaged 82% of possible sunshine (100% Saturday, 74% Sunday and 71% on Monday). That’s the sunniest 3 days back-back-back in December since 2012. We’ve also had 5 dry days in a row, the first time that has happened since mid-September.

Playing golf on Dec. 23, 2019

Our reporter, Ken Kolker did a little story on people going out to play golf. No snow…sunshine, light winds and warm temperatures. A bonus is that some of the water holes and frozen and your ball just scoots right across to the other side. Ken said the ball gets quite a bounce where the ground is frozen.

Skiing at Caberfae on Monday, Dec. 23, 2019

You can play golf in the morning and go snow skiing in the PM. The pic. above is from Caberfae – lots of people out enjoying the snow. Resorts made a lot of snow when it was cold. Caberfae had a 58″ base, Bittersweet a 30″ base. The resorts are usually north-facing slopes (away from the sun) and are often lined with trees that provide some shade. When winds are light or calm, cooler air can sit over the snow and that slows melting. It’s been cool enough to make snow some nights and grooming can make for pretty good conditions in the mild air.

Skiing at Rosa Park Circle

This was Rosa Park Circle on Monday – lots of skaters – the ice stayed firm on the rink, despite tempertures in the 40s. Again, with light or calm winds, a cool layer of air can sit atop the ice.

Snow cover in Michigan on Monday

Here’s snow cover in Michigan on Monday. The most in Lower Michigan was 9″ at Mancelona (in the woods). There’s plenty of snow in the U.P.

These are high tempertures from Monday. Grand Rapids reached 48°. That was 15° warmer than average, but still below the record high for Dec. 23. That was 60° set in 2015. The temperature reached 54° at Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Jackson, Coldwater and Hillsdale and 55° at Sturgis.

At mid-afternoon…the temperature was 54° in Kalamazoo – also 54° at Yuma AZ, 53° at Palm Springs CA (where they had rain on and off all PM) and just 48° in Las Vegas.

Rainfall totals from South Florida

Wow! Look at the rainfall in S. Florida! A couple spots had over a foot of rain. Fort Lauderdale had 4.45″ of rain in just one hour!

Forecast in a Nutshell

We’ll stay unseasonably warm the rest of the week (at least 10° above average). We do have a chance of a period of rain over the weekend (late Sat. – Sat. night) and it’s not impossible that there could be a little snow mixing in before it ends, but it wouldn’t amount to much if we got any snow at all. It will turn a bit colder next week and I still expect some significantly colder air and snow in mid-late January.

While we’re in the mild, Pacific air…Alaska is chillin’. Fort Yukon reached -50° for the 2nd morning in a row and Circle Hot Springs AK had a high temperature of -39°.

Merry Christmas, everyone – thanks for reading my blog.