Sunniest Back-To-Back Days in December since 2012

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Posted: Dec 23, 2019 / 03:32 AM EST Updated: Dec 23, 2019 / 03:32 AM EST

Sunset South Haven 12 22 19

Here’s sunset at South Haven Sunday evening. We’ve passed the Winter Solstice, so daylight will be (very gradually) increasing. Today (Mon.) we get 4 seconds more daylight than we did Sunday.

Sunshine Update

We had 100% of possible sunshine on Saturday, the first December day with 100% sunshine since 2014. Sunday brought 74% of possible sunshine. That was the sunniest back-to-back days in December since 2012.

Weather Headlines

It’ll stay warmer than average the rest of this week and dry through at least Friday. We’ll have a “Green” Christmas” and dry roads will be good news for holiday travelers.

High Temperatures from Sunday

The high of 52° in Gr. Rapids on Sunday was 19° warmer than average. It wasn’t a daily record high – that was 57° in 1941.

High Temperatures Sunday – Regional

The “warm air” covered the entire Great Lakes area. The high was 42 up at Houghton. It was a little cooler in the U.P. where there was snow on the ground.

High Temperatures Sunday U.S.

Here’s U.S. high temperatures. Thre was mild air over pretty much the entire contiguous U.S. Grand Rapids was 5° warmer than Atlanta. Benton Harbor with a high of 55° was 1° warmer than Dallas TX. By the way, Alaska is cold. The low temp. Sunday AM at Fort Yukon AK was -51°. Much of the time, especially in winter. The weather pattern in Alaska is the opposite of the weather in the Great Lakes. If Alaska is warm, then we are cold and vice versa.

Rain in Florida

All of Florida saw rain Sunday/Sunday night. Here’s some of the heavier storm totals from the Panhandle area. There was a Tornado Watch issued for the southern part of the Florida Peninsula.

Skaters at Rosa Park Circle Sunday evening

Despite the warm air, the ice was solid at Rosa Park Circle and dozens of people were skating in the relatively warm air Sunday evening.

Sunset Cannonsburg from Mike Fritz

Here’s a pic. shortly after sunset taken by Make Fritz at the top of the chairlift at Cannonsburg Ski Area. Despite the warm air, ski resorts have plenty of snow for boarders and skiers. Bittersweet had a 30″ base Sunday AM. It has been cool enough some nights to make snow and it can be groomed for a good ride.

Season Snowfall

Here’s Season Snowfall so far this winter. Marquette in the U.P. is up to 68″ for the winter. There’s a spot 10 miles south of Grand Marais that has had 117″ of snow so far this winter.

Snow on the ground Sunday morning

Here’s snow cover Sunday – not much in Lower Michigan – 5″ at Gaylord, but lots of snow in the U.P.

3-Day Forecast

The relatively warm air should stick around the rest of this week. The dry weather pattern should last into early next week. That’s good news for travelers and good news for those dealing with the high lake levels. The Grand River is still at 180% of average flow early Mon. AM – so that will go down in the next week. Winds should be light enough that we won’t have any significant beach erosion.

8-14 Day Temperature Outlook from the Climate Prediction Center

The 8-14 Day Forecast from the Climate Prediction Center keeps the Great Lakes and much of the country in warmer than average temperatures into the first week of January, with the Arctic cold bottled up in the Arctic.