Old Christmas trees make a feast for goats

SHELBY TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — West Michigan families are once again choosing to recycle their Christmas trees by feeding them to goats. 

Jenny Ferels with Lewis Farms and Petting Zoo near New Era, between Muskegon and Ludington, said it has seen the trend really take off over the last few years.

“People really like giving back in the idea that they can use their Christmas tree to make their favorite goats very happy,” Ferels said. 

At the farm Friday, the Moore family said feeding their tree to the goats has become a post-holiday tradition. 

“Instead of taking your Christmas trees and putting them in the landfill, you can bring them over to the farm and feed the goats,” Lara Moore said. 

Moore and her three kids spent time playing with the goats after dropping their retired Christmas tree in the pen. 

“Families who come love the goats,” Ferels said. “…The goats are a tried and true favorite.” 

Ferels said the farm receives hundreds of trees each year, providing plenty of food for their goats to feast on all winter long. 

“A small group of goats, 10 to 12 goats, can eat a tree every two to three days and we have over 40 goats,” Ferels said. 

After a tree is feasted on, the farm recycles what’s left over. 

“After all of the needles are gone and we have just the trunk and the branches left, we actually use that for wood chips and use that around the farm as well,” Ferels said. 

Moore sees that as an added bonus. 

“It’s a way for them to get fed and also a way for you not to have the waste that would normally go into the garbage,” Moore said. 

More information about how to drop off your tree for the goats can be found at Lewis Farms’ website.