Crazy Cold in Alaska

This map shows high temperatures Thursday across the U.S. Grand Rapids set a record daily high temperature with a high of 61°. That was 8° warmer than the previous daily record high of 53° set in 2016. The 53° had been the lowest record high temperature for any date in December. Grand Rapids has had a high temperature of 60° or better at least 38 times. The warmest December day ever was 69° on Dec. 5, 2001.

Grand Rapids was 15° warmer than Las Vegas NV Thurs. PM., and 8° warmer than Death Valley CA (53°) and 4° warmer than Yuma AZ. Twenty-Nine Palms CA had a high temp. of just 41° with 1.35″ of rain. Las Vegas, like much of the U.S., has had a relatively wet year. Still, Grand Rapids MI had more rain in October (2019) than Las Vegas has all year.