(Another) Lakeshore Flood Advisory

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Posted: Jan 4, 2020 / 04:44 AM EST Updated: Jan 4, 2020 / 04:48 AM EST

A Lakeshore Flood Advisory will be in effect from 1 pm Sunday to 1 pm Monday. Parking lots and roads at the immediate lakeshore may experience minor flooding. There will likely be some beach erosion.

There is a Gale Watch posted for Sunday afternoon and night for wind gusts to +40 mph and waves up to 6-9 feet.

Winter Weather Advisory in Purple on the map

A Winter Weather Advisory has been in effect for N. Michigan this Sat. AM for freezing drizzle and slick spots on the roads. Here’s the latest Gr. Rapids National Weather Service forecast discussion.

A little light precipitation is possible today…but emphasize light if you get any at all. Sunday, a little light snow, mainly PM. Some light snow on Tuesday, then rain or a mix toward the end of the week Fri. – Sat. Temperatures near to above average this week.

MODIS satellite picture New Year’s Day 1 1 20

Also, check out this MODIS satellite picture from Jan. 1. You can see where the ground is bare across IL and IN. You can also see the lake-effect clouds streaming off Lake Huron and Lake Erie. Chicago looks a little darker because of the buildings and roads and N. Lower and Upper Michigan look slightly darker where there is more pine forest and fewer open fields.