Kalamazoo Co. wants suit over firing dismissed

KALAMAZOO, Mich. (WOOD) — Kalamazoo County is asking a federal judge to throw out a wrongful termination lawsuit filed by the former county attorney.

Elizabeth White sued Kalamazoo County and Commissioners Stephanie Moore and Julie Rogers in November, claiming her firing was a violation of the Whistlerblower’s Protection Act.

She said she was let go as retaliation for drawing attention to the transfer of a property from the county to an organization run by Moore’s mother. She also said the Nov. 6 meeting at which commissioners voted to fire violated the Open Meetings Act.

In the response to Elizabeth White’s lawsuit, which was filed in federal court Monday, the county calls a number of her claims as untrue, saying her firing wasn’t due to retaliation. It flatly denies violating the Whistleblower’s Protection Act or Open Meetings Act and says none of White’s rights were violated.

It also says the government agency should be immune from the suit.

The county previously said White was fired for not doing her job in a timely manner.