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Posted: Jan 9, 2020 / 06:24 AM EST Updated: Jan 9, 2020 / 06:25 AM EST

The Weekend Storm looks to be somewhere between significant and historic. Just about everything is coming…rain, snow, sleet, freezing rain, flooding, wind, drifting snow…there could even be a flash of lightning. The map below is from the Weather Prediction Center and shows the highest chance of +2″ of accumulating snow is north of G.R. There could be a narrow stripe of 6-12″.

The worst part of the storm will be where there is significant freezing rain late Friday night through Saturday evening. The overnight run of the European model gives G.R. a total of 3.36″ of precipitation from today (Thu.) through Sat. night. The 2.32″ twenty-four hour total on the European would be a January record 24-hour rainfall if that were to occur. The GFS model has 1.90″ for G.R. 1/10th of an inch of ice can create quite significant travel problems…at 1/2″ we get significant tree damage and some power outages. The Weather Prediction Center has the highest chance of freezing rain from NE Missouri through Illinois into Lower Michigan.

Freezing Rain Forecast from the Weather Prediction Center

In the freezing rain zone, look for roads to become very icy on Saturday, tree damage and power outages are quite likely…I think there could be a significant number of church closings Sunday and with all the snow and ice, plus power outages, we could see a fair number of school closings Monday.

There are Gale Warnings out until 1 am Friday. They may be needed again on Sunday. Here’s Regional Radar:

Central Great Lakes sector loop

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Storm Team 8 has a story going on the storm which we are updating here. Click on that to get the latest. Keep up with the current forecast…you may need to cancel or change plans for late Fri. night into Sat. evening. Try not to park your car under or walk under trees in areas that get freezing rain or heavy snow. I’ve got to get out and fill the bird feeders before the significant rain gets cranked up. Keep your phone charged. Wear shoes and boots that give you better traction. When the ice starts to melt, it’ll be falling off trees, etc. – so you’ll have to watch out for that. I’ll update this when I can.