BC grant keeps Arcadia building redevelopment on track

BATTLE CREEK, Mich. (WOOD) — An iconic building in downtown Battle Creek is getting a new life with the help of a grant.

Crews have been working on the former Arcadia Brewing Company site on West Michigan, which has been vacant since 2017.

Around 17 to 20 apartments are being planned for the second floor with retail and restaurant spaces at street level, according to Michael Gothberg, a partner with Jay Andrew Development Company.

Gothberg sees great potential in the site but says it requires some work to get the building back in shape.

“Anyone that came in would really have to do a lot to build out a space, and then we had the roof leaks we were dealing with when we got it,” Gothberg said.

The roof eventually collapsed in fall 2019, which was a major setback for the renovation plans.

A $250,000 grant, administered by Battle Creek Unlimited, is covering the cleanup cost and the price of a new roof to keep the project on track.

“It was imperative,” Gothberg said. “Absolutely crucial.”

According to Joe Sobieralski, president and CEO of Battle Creek Unlimited, $2 million in funding from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation is making this project and other real estate developments possible in the downtown area.

“Downtown Battle Creek is going to be different and it’s going to be different in a good way,” Sobieralski said. “There’s going to be a lot of vibrancy once these projects all come to fruition.”

Residents will soon move into the nearby Milton building. New Holland Brewing will occupy another vacant storefront on West Michigan. Record Box Loft and Handmap Brewing is just around the corner from the former Arcadia site.

Additional projects for the downtown Battle Creek are also in the planning stages.

“We’ve got nine that have been approved and four have been announced thus far and so we’ve got five more announcements coming,” Sobieralski said.

Battle Creek Unlimited has seen substantial interest on the project at the old Arcadia site.

“This is an iconic building for Battle Creek. It was known for 20 years as the home of Arcadia Brewing, which a lot of people visited,” Sobieralski said. “It was like the spot to go in downtown Battle Creek. So, when they decided to leave Battle Creek, it left an empty hole for a lot of people. That’s why this particular building is of such interest to the community.”

The developers hope to have the roof finished by this spring and would like to see the first tenant move in sometime in 2021.