51% Sunshine on Wednesday

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Posted: Jan 22, 2020 / 10:49 PM EST Updated: Jan 22, 2020 / 11:37 PM EST

Halo around the sun Wed. PM 1 22 20 from Jeff Baurs in Barry Co.

Jeff Baurs sent us this picture of a sun halo, taken Wed. PM in Barry Co. A halo is caused by the sun shining through a thin layer of cirrus clouds (ice crystals).

It’s been a cloudy, warm and wet January

We had 51% of possible sunshine in G.R. on Wednesday or roughly 293 minutes of sunshine. That was more sunshine than we saw in Grand Rapids in the previous 13 days COMBINED (151 minutes – or 11.6 minutes per day).

Thunder Bay Island Lighthouse Jan. 22, 2020

This is the Thunder Bay Lighthouse – pic. from NOAA Coastwatch Wed. Jan. 22 PM. As of Thurs. 1/23, Grand Rapids has gained 36 minutes of daylight since the Winter Solstice occurred back on 12/21.

We’ve had 3.31″ of precipitation in G.R. this month. That’s 1.74″ above average. We’ve also had 11.4″ of snow and that’s 3.8″ below average.

So far, the month of January is 6.1 deg. warmer than average in G.R. The month of January is running only 4.1 deg. cooler than November 2019.

8-14 Day Temperature Outlook from the Climate Prediction Center

This is the 8-14 Day Temperature Outlook from the Climate Prediction Center for Jan. 30 – Feb. 5. CPC sees coast-to-coast warmer than average temperatures. However look at the cold pattern in Alaska. Often, when the contiguous U.S. is warmer than average, Alaska is cooler than average and vice versa.

8-14 Day Precipitation Outlook from the Climate Prediction Center

We can’t seem to break this above average precipitation pattern. Once again, the Great Lakes are expected to have above average precipitation as we enter the month of February.