AAA flooded with calls amid COVID-19 outbreak

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Auto insurance payments are among the list of bills people may not be able to cover this month as many are out of work due to the coronavirus outbreak. 

A local auto insurance agent with AAA told News 8 they have been flooded with calls from clients worried about not being able to make their monthly payment. 

“We can’t forgive payments right now,” Lori McDonald with AAA said. “We’re such a heavily regulated industry that we can’t just forgive insurance payments. If someone wants to drive, they still need insurance.”

McDonald said they can offer solutions to help lower payments for clients in a financial pinch. 

“For example, if there’s a three-car household, maybe they don’t need to drive all three cars,” McDonald said. “They can put one or two (cars) in storage and save themselves on their premium and they’ll still be able to afford their payments.”

To contain COVID-19, AAA is asking its clients to communicate with agents by phone or online during this time.