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Posted: Mar 26, 2020 / 07:14 PM EDT Updated: Mar 26, 2020 / 07:14 PM EDT

When I do the weather in the studio, I stand in front of a “green wall”. If I turn around, all I see is a solid green wall.

Here’s a picture of Terri DeBoer standing in front of our green wall. It’s lit from behind (so I don’t look green).

We do a trick called “chroma-key”. We make the weather maps show up wherever there is the color green. I look off to the side at a TV to see what’s behind me and to know where to point on the map. So, I can’t wear anything green. If I wore a green coat, the map would also show up where my coat was…so you’d see my head floating around in the middle of the map.

Here’s an example of me standing at the green wall. The map shows wherever it’s green. I’n not looking at the map. I’m looking at a TV off to the side, which shows what you are seeing here…the on-air video with the weather map. That’s how I know where to point.

Now that I’m doing weathercasts from my basement at home, I’m not using the green wall. So, I can wear something green. Because I have to work with a green screen, I really don’t have green clothes for TV….but…

Bill’s tie close-up

…I do have a green tie. I’ve had this tie for decades – going all the way back to when we used a “blue screen” back in the 80s. It’s a nice tie, with shamrocks. A couple times, I did the main weather at 6 pm or 11 pm on St. Patrick’s Day and raced from the studio back to the weather office to change into this tie for the 4-shot end of the news.

So, don’t be surprised if I wear this tie again while I’m doing the weather shows from the basement. P.S. – thanks to my wife for cleaning up the basement today.