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Posted: Mar 26, 2020 / 03:01 AM EDT Updated: Mar 26, 2020 / 06:30 AM EDT

Bill broadcasting from the basement

Wednesday a photographer came to my house and set me up to broadcast from my basement, while I’m waiting out the coronavirus. I’ll be contributing during some of the newscasts from home. I didn’t have much time to clean up the room. Just to the right of my head, there’s a spray bottle of (dog and) cat stopper. There’s also a pic. of me from my senior year in college (had the ‘stache back then). To the left, there’s a table that has Christmas cards on it. They never got put away after my mother passed away in December and we were in Tennessee for 3 weeks.

Pizza from Fred’s

My daughter #1 is a waitress/bartender at Fred’s (Plainfield NE). Most of the wait staff is off work while restaurant’s are closed. They heard I was stuck at home, so they sent over pizza!

…including in the shape of a sunshine! Very much appreciated!

Mackinac Bridge webcam Wed. night

A Fog Advisory was issued for the Mackinac Bridge during the night. Here’s a pic. from shortly after 11 pm. Note…no vehicles. Also, how’d you like to drive up into that dark fog bank. Fog is most apt to form over the ice that remains in the strait at this time of year.

Mackinac Bridge webcam

Here’s the view looking south from the U.P. side…looks pretty empty.

Lake Michigan satellite picture 3/25 Weds.

Here’s the Lake Michigan satellite picture from Wed. PM. We were lucky to see some sunshine. That helped boost the temperature from an early AM low of 27 to an afternoon high of 56.

Take a look at this satellite loop of Southern Lake Michigan from Wed. PM. There is a fog bank over Lake Michigan. The wind at the surface was from the south, so the cloud bank was moving from south to north. Higher up, the wind was from the west, so clouds at that level were moving from west to east (left ot right).

Lake Erie satellite picture 3 25 20

The Lake Erie satellite pic. (above) is interesting. You can see the brown water coming out of the Maumee River at the far west edge of the lake. You can see “cloud streets” south of the lake, with no cumulus clouds over the cooler lake, but clouds over the warmer inland areas.

Severe Weather Outlook Map for Saturday 3 28 20

This is the Severe Weather Outlook Map for Saturday 3 28. There is a chance of a non-severe t-shower over most of Lower Michigan. The Marginal Risk Area (dark green) comes up into SW Lake Michigan and there is a Slight Risk (in yellow) in Illinois. The main threat would be isolated strong winds. On Sunday, we could see general wind gusts of 30-40 mph as cooler air moves back into Lower Michigan.

Utqiaġvik AK webcam

Up at the Barrow AK airport, daylight is expanding at a very rapid rate. Today there will be 9 minutes and 25 seconds more daylight than yesterday. Solar noon is at 2:32 pm and the sun at solar noon is still lower in the sky than it is in Grand Rapids on the Winter Solstice. You can see the ragged, deep ice in the Arctic Ocean. Barrow had a high temp. of -3F on Wednesday.

6:10 pm Wed. 3 25 20

I’m seeing more boats on the webcams. There have been fishermen on the Grand River for several weeks. When the weather cooperates, we’re seeing people fishing at Lake Michigan. In the above pic. from Wed., there are two boats in the channel.

South Haven Channel Wed. 3 25 20

Here’s South Haven Wed. – again two boats. It was cooler at the lake. The high temperature was 58° in Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo on Wed., but it was only 42° at the Muskegon Beach. However, at South Haven – the high temperature for the day as of 5 pm was just 41°. Then the wind shifted from off the water to SE off the land, and the temperature rose from 41° to 52° by 11 pm.

GRR NWS graphic

Here’s the G.R. NWS graphic for the next four days. Most of today will be dry for most of the area. It’ll be windy on Sunday.

Forecast Rainfall

This is forecast rainfall from the N. Indiana NWS – looks like a real soaker for much of S. Lower MI, Illnois, Indiana and Ohio.

Snow forecast from the Weather Prediction Center

The Saturday storm is likely to produce a rain/snow mix in the Western U.P. were some accumulations are possible.

Also: Empty Chicago. Snow in Italy. Rectangle (mirage) sunset at Lake Michigan. Snow in the CA mtns. Pretty sunrise Thu. AM in the U.K. Krusevac, Serbia From 23.4 °C on Saturday to -1.8 °C Today AND 22 cm of fresh snow. The official high of 89 degrees at New Orleans International Airport yesterday broke the record for the date by 5 degrees. It also tied the all time record high for March at the airport. The previous time was March 18th 1982. Talk about driving into a dark cloud. Bats on radar. The boating season has begun on Lake Michigan. Utah snow squall. Ring around the sun.