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Posted: Mar 23, 2020 / 09:08 PM EDT Updated: Mar 24, 2020 / 12:06 PM EDT

Sunset this (Mon.) evening from my front yard. Gayle and I are staying home. Today, I did go out to get the mail, fill the bird feeders and clean the bird bath and to take a couple of pictures. Gayle and I are old enough to be in the age group that has an increased risk from the coronavirus. We also have minor health issues that could conceivable become a factor.

Also, when I go out in public (like shopping), I often get people coming up to me to say “hi” and chat about weather. Up until recently, there was a lot of hand-shaking and relatively close chatter. I have to avoid that right now, as “the curve” (hopefully) peaks.

Today, we learned that two relatives have tested positive for CV. They both work in the medical field in areas where there is a high concentration of cases. Both of them have no symptoms at this time and are in the younger age demographic where there is an extremely high probability of complete recovery and a good chance that symptoms will be relatively minor. We have had no contract with either relative and they live far away from Grand Rapids.

My daughter #1 has volunteered to get us food. All three of our children are checking in on a daily basis (or more). BTW, two of my three daughters have lost jobs, but are doing well. I have spent some time on the phone…I’ve talked to 4 of my fraternity brothers (from 50 years ago!). We talked about how we are coping and dusted off a few memories.

Wide pic. of the sunset this evening

I still spend (a lot of) time looking at weather. There is so much weather on the internet now. When I first started on TV, we didn’t have computers or cell phones or cable TV.

In the pic. above, you can see that the sun is setting slightly north of due west. This week, each day is 2 minutes and 56 longer than the day before and that’s as fast as daylight increases all year. Solar noon is now at 1:49 pm and at that moment, the sun is now 48° above the southern horizon. At the Winter Solstice, it was just 24° above the southern horizon.

The high temperature Monday today in Grand Rapids was 39° – the third day in a row with high temperatures in the 30s. The average high temp. for G.R. is now up to 48°. The month of March is still 3.1° warmer than average. The average wind speed Monday was just 4.7 mph in G.R. and 4.2 mph in Muskegon. So far, this month we’ve had 1.46″ of precipitation and that’s 0.15″ below average. Precipitation was a little below average in February. The lower precipitation has brought many river levels to below average flow. The Grand River in Grand Rapids has a flow of 5,730 cubic feet per second. The average flow is 6,710 cfs. Hopefully, we’ll start to see the water level of the Great Lakes start to come down a bit.

High Temperatures this coming week

Here’s high temperatures for the next 6 days. Note that the average temperature reaches 50° next weekend. Temperatures will be a touch above average this week.

Snow at the edge of an evergreen in my front yard

This pic. was taken at sunset. Most of the snow had melted, but I found some snow on the edge of a globe arborvitae in the front yard. The snow had fallen off the bush and made little piles that lasted all day.

G.R. NWS graphic on the weather for this Tue.

Here’s the G.R. NWS graphic on the weather today…a pretty nice day.

Severe Weather Outlook Map for Tue. 3 24 20

Here’s the Severe Weather Outlook Map for Tuesday. There’s a Slight Risk of a severe thunderstorm from E. Arkansas to NW Georgia. The Storm Prediction Center says: “…all hazards are possible, including a few tornadoes.”

Heavy Rain for the Tennessee River Valley

Heavy rain is likely today in the Tennessee River Valley – moderate risk of flooding later today.

Also: Bright rainbow. Another rainbow. Heavy rain possible in S. Europe. Heavy snow in parts of New England. Up to 8″ of snow in upstate NY. National High/Low temps for Mon: 104° at Rio Grande Village, TX; -17° at Estcourt Station, ME. That’s a difference of 121°. Arctic Village AK got down to -19° and Valdez AK still has 81″ of snow on the ground. I’m 70″ tall. Take-off on an old Johnny Rivers tune. Starlings over Gr. Rapids. More heavy snow for the Sierras. Mammoth Mt. Ski Area in CA had no snow in February. They’ve had 61″ of snow in March. A lightning hit did this. Polar Vortex update. Beautiful pic. from Alaska. Rain and mountain snow in the Pacific NW. Waterfall after a rain. Noccalula Falls (I’ve been there). Geyser and rainbow. Nobody on Miramar Beach. Record low temperatures in Maine. Giant dust devil near Reno NV. (kind of early in the season for dust devils). Interesting: “countries with malaria have virtually no COVID-19 cases, and those countries with many COVID-19 cases have little to no malaria.Cool tornado pic.