Aquinas baseball players go viral in MLB TikTok video

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — In the past weeks of this global pandemic, athletes have used social media as a way to reach out, show their support and stay connected. For Aquinas College baseball players Chris Suriel and Kelvin Aracena, this was taken to a whole new level.

“We put out a couple of videos that went viral in the last couple of weeks and we had the MLB TikTok guys reach out to us to collaborate on a video with them,” Suriel said. 

Major League Baseball put out a video celebrating Opening Day on March 25 on the trending social media platform of TikTok. The video included 25 baseball and softball players from around the United States doing “the wave” in unison. The video included athletes such as San Francisco Giants Hunter Pence and more.

The two junior Aquinas infielders couldn’t believe they had been chosen. 

Aquinas College baseball players Chris Suriel and Kelvin Aracena. (Courtesy)

The Aquinas baseball team was on the road in South Carolina when they were told the news that their 2020 baseball season would come to a screeching halt. 

“It’s crazy, too, because we were actually doing really well and then all of the sudden, everything is cancelled and everybody has to go home,” Aracena said. 

But as many other athletes can attest to, with their sports seasons in jeopardy, social media has been something they can turn to as that connecting factor for them.

“Social media is a big way to stay connected to the world right now in these hard times,” Suriel said. 

The two infielders also talked about the struggles that athletes are feeling these day and had a message to share with them.  

“To every athlete out there,” Suriel said. “I just would tell them to just keep their head up and keep working hard because hard times come, but you know the good times are going to come, too, so always keep your head up.”