Making it bearable: ‘Bear hunt’ unites from a distance

CASCADE TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — As the statewide stay-at-home order enters its third week, a neighborhood in Cascade Township is getting creative to keep busy and safely socialize. They’re holding a “bear hunt.”

No traps or bait are needed for this quest. Participants only need a good eye, some walking shoes and possibly a snack.

“It’s where were go around the neighborhood and we try to look for bears,” explained Piper Provost, the oldest of the Provost family.

“But not real ones. Picture bears (and) stuffed animal bears,” clarified her brother Beckett Provost.

The hunt started with a post on a neighborhood app by neighbor Gloria Kroeze. She asked neighbors to put teddy bears in their windows for passersby to spot.

Kroeze says the idea is based on the children’s book, “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.”

These hunts have been happening all over the area and world during the COVID-19 outbreak.

For the Provost family it’s become a daily activity, providing entertainment and exercise for the kids while giving their mom a break and dad a recess while working from home.

“Now we get to see dad,” said Beckett.

“Sometimes I join you on a walk while I’m at work,” his dad chimed in.

These bear hunts are also bringing together the community.

“I definitely feel like we have gotten to know, for lack of a better word, our neighbors,” said mom Holly Provost. “If they see you looking for the bears they will come to the door and say hello.”