Colder Pattern for Mid-April

Posted: Apr 8, 2020 / 04:35 AM EDT Updated: Apr 8, 2020 / 06:29 AM EDT

Mild weather for today (Wed.) – dry through much of the day with a chance of showers starting in the late afternoon into the evening. No severe weather today. Then, the cold air roars in on Thursday with falling temperatures and a strong WNW wind that could gust to over 40 mph. There’s a Gale Watch for Thurs. AM to Fri. AM. That will become a Gale Warning. Waves could reach 5-10 feet with gusts to 40-50 mph at the lakeshore.

BTW, the water temperature of Lake Michigan at Holland St. Park was 45.9° early Wed. morning. The water temperature of (inland) Reeds Lake was 49° early Wed. morning.

High temperatures Tuesday: 80° in Chicago, 76° at Benton Harbor and Kalamazoo, 75° Grand Rapids, Battle Creek and S. Haven. Cadillac only reached 59°. The high was 53.8° at the Muskegon Beach. The high was 40° at both S. Ste. Marie and Newberry.

The top graphic is the 8-14 Day Outlook from the Climate Prediction Center for April 15-21. When I saw this, the first thought I had was…I’m glad it’s not January. Only the West Coast and Florida are expected to see warmer than average temperatures. The cold push is centered over the Great Lakes, where temperatures could be 10 degrees colder than average.

In general, it’s not a bad thing to have a colder pattern in early spring. It keeps the severe weather to our south and it keeps the blossoms from coming out too soon. It has been warmer than average, but not warm enough for the blossoms to be out yet and it’s likely most of the fruit crop will get through these couple cold weeks.

Forecast High Temperatures for Wednesday 4 9 20

Here’s forecast high temperatures for this Wed. We’ll see summerlike temperatures across the South with chill air across the Northern Plains. We’ll reach the mid 60s in Southern Lower Michigan, but only 50° at the Lake Michigan shore.

Also: Check out this giant hailstone that fell north of Milwaukee yesterday. Check out this lightning. Antarctic ice extent is right about at average right now. The fury of Cyclone Harold in the Western Pacific. The storm did a lot of damage in Vanuatu. Full “supermoon” right now. Another cool pic. of the supermoon. The moon is relatively close to the Earth right now. This map shows where the most intense lightning was across Michigan yesterday evening. Kayaks out in Zeeland on Tue. Get used to this. Nice halo. Record rainfall in Los Angeles. Awesome “wave” clouds.