West Michigan doctor shows how quickly germs spread

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — A West Michigan doctor is reinforcing why it’s so important to wash your hands and limit exposure to COVID-19 as people focus on social distancing. 

Dr. William Deaton is an emergency room physician in Muskegon. On Saturday, he posted a video online showing how easy it is for germs to spread on surfaces.

He hopes it reminds people that their own precautions might not protect them against a lack of precautions by others as people still grocery shop or support local businesses.

“People are beginning to take the social distancing seriously and staying out of spots, but they’re still going to restaurants and other places where yeah, you’re 6 feet away from somebody, but you just touched the doorknob,” Deaton told News 8. “In the last hour, all the people who have been in there, you don’t know if they sneezed into their hand and touched the doorknob or you don’t know what the person before you or the five people before you have done.” 

The father of three used a serum called Glo Germ in the video. His 12-year-old daughter Maya had it on her hands and walked through a few doors in their home before 11-year-old Liam and 6-year-old Lyla followed the same route.

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By the end of the video, a black light showed the serum on door knobs and the younger children’s hands.

“People just don’t realize how easy it is for viruses to be spread on surfaces that, you know, it looks clean, but deep down you really don’t know,” Deaton explained. “Hopefully this video is just keeping people out of ERs, from getting this virus and getting sick.”