Family Promise uses donation to help shelter families

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Bank of America has pledged $100 million to fight the coronavirus in a variety of different ways.

Family Promise of Grand Rapids, which provides emergency shelter, housing and support services for families experiencing homelessness, received $100,000 of that gift from Bank of America.

“As you can imagine the families are experiencing everything we are experiencing. All of the same fears and complications of life, but they just have the added confusion and problem of not having housing to shelter in right now,” Cheryl Schuch, CEO of Family Promise of Grand Rapids, said.

The money is being used to rent local hotel rooms to ensure families are safe during this crisis.

“Right now, the families are all being provided shelter through our hotel partners in the community. This affords them and allows them a private room and space for their family. As you can imagine, that wasn’t capacity we had online earlier prior to the COVID epidemic,” Schuch said.

Family Promise GR is looking for and accepting cloth masks to further ensure the safety of their families.

“Anything that your family needs, our families need. We’re focusing on food, basic needs like hygiene products and those (cloth) masks right now,” Schuch said.

Information on donating to Family Promise can be found on the organization’s website.