Hope Network’s relief effort helps community with deliveries

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Hope Network announced a new delivery assistance effort in West Michigan amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Hope Network says its Red Bus Relief Effort is a partnership with nonprofit organizations in area. Its red buses, which normally transport people with disabilities and older adults, will now help with COVID-19 relief.

Hope Network bus drivers were laid off after the governor’s stay-at-home order, but new funding through the Hope Network Foundation’s Greatest Needs Fund helped explore partnerships with organizations that need help with deliveries.

“We have a fleet of buses that we couldn’t use for their normal purpose during the stay-at-home order, so we started talking to area partners to see who could benefit from them,” Phil Weaver, President and CEO of Hope Network, said. “During times of crisis, it’s important for all of us to pull together and find creative ways to help each other out.”

The buses will begin deliveries this week, starting with food deliveries to Kids Food Basket and SECOM Resource Center.

Hope Network is exploring more partnerships. Organizations needing delivery assistance can call Hope Network Transportation at 616.243.0876.