Big Severe Weather Outbreak This Weekend Down South

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Posted: Apr 10, 2020 / 04:53 AM EDT Updated: Apr 10, 2020 / 04:53 AM EDT

Severe Weather Outlook for Easter Sunday

There’s going to be a big severe weather outbreak this weekend, including the possibility of significant, long-track tornadoes and widespread wind damage. The map above is the Severe Weather Outlook from the Storm Prediction Center for Easter Sunday. There is a Moderate Outlook (in red) from Louisiana and SE Arkansas across Mississippi into Alabama. Surrounding the Moderate Risk is an Enhanced Outlook Area (in orange) that goes from Houston, north to Tennessee and east to NW Florida and Georgia. The Slight Risk (in yellow) comes up into S. Indiana. Michigan has light green, which indicates the possibility of non-severe thunderstorms. SPC says:

"An outbreak of severe thunderstorms appears likely Sunday into Sunday night, with the greatest threat expected from Louisiana east-northeastward through much of the Southeast and Tennessee Valley. Strong, long-tracked tornadoes and potentially widespread damaging wind are possible."
Severe Weather Outlook Area for Saturday 4 11 20

Back up a day. This is the Severe Weather Outlook Map for Saturday (4/11). There is an Enhanced Outlook in Texas that includes the cities of Austin, San Antonio and San Angelo. Surrounding that is a Slight Risk Area that includes a large part of Texas. The Marginal Risk comes up into Kansas and there could be a non-severe thundershower in the SW desert areas of Arizona and N. Mexico. SPC says:

"Severe thunderstorms will be possible across much of Texas, with the greatest threat likely Saturday night into early Sunday morning. Large hail, damaging wind, and perhaps a couple of tornadoes will be the primary threats."
Severe Storm Reports for Thurs. 4/9/20

Here’s the severe weather reports from Thursday. There was one inconsequential tornado at Hathaway, Louisiana. Winds hit 76 mph at the lakefront airport in New Orleans and 2″ hail fell at Hemphill, Texas. There was a swath of wind damage from Maryland northeast into the Philadelphia and Atlantic City areas.