Signs help high school seniors missing graduation

CASCADE TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — Most teens are missing graduation season this spring.

From spring sports to prom to graduation, high school seniors all over west Michigan are missing out on a rite of passage due to COVID-19.

But parents in one local district are making sure those seniors are not forgotten.

For Forest Hills Central seniors Maizey Szczepanek and Johnny Mielock, the year took an unexpected and disappointing turn.

“It’s a little awkward that we aren’t going it have that kind of close on the year,” Szczepanek said.

“It’s just not the same as others have had and not having the closure on the year,” added Mielock.

So Maizey’s mom and some other Forest Hills Central High School parents came up with a plan that has blossomed into a garden of yard signs honoring the FHC class of 2020.

Becki Szczepanek says the response has been overwhelming.

“Positive, between the parents and the student, of being able to, again, acknowledge their student, and put in their front yard. I have a senior and I’m proud,” said Becki Szczepaneck.

The signs are ordered, planted in the Szczepaneck’s front yard, and picked up by seniors of their parents and transplanted in their own yards.

Twelve dollars covers the costs of printing.

“We’ve had a lot of honks, and a lot of people stop by and take pictures and give us thumbs up and clap,” Szczepaneck said.

While the signs may not make up for the canceled prom, the postponed graduation walk or any of the other life events that go along with the culmination of senior year, the signs at the very least let seniors know someone cares.  

If you are a Forest Hills Central Senior or the parent of an FHC senior and haven’t ordered your sign, just log on here.