Band of Snow May Go South of Us

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Posted: Apr 15, 2020 / 04:23 AM EDT Updated: Apr 15, 2020 / 04:53 AM EDT

72-hour snow probability

The map above is from the Weather Prediction Center. It shows the probability of 2″ or more of snow over the next 72 hours (thru Friday). We’ll get scattered, mainly light snow showers or flurries today. After that, a band of light show will move across N. Indiana and far southern Michigan late Thu. night and early Friday. A couple inches may fall along I-80 and the north edge of the snow may get up to a line from Holland to Lansing. If you get snow, it won’t last long. The average high temperatures are in the upper 50s. If we’re 15 deg. colder than average, it’s still low-mid 40s

The high temp. of 38 on Tue. in G. R. was 20 deg. colder than average (58) and the wind was strong – gust to 41 mph in G.R. on Tue. – that kept the wind chill readings in the low 20s.

High Temperatures Wed. PM 4 15

Here’s high temperatures for this Wed….still warm in Florida and warm in the desert Southwest. Relativelyh cold air covers the northern U.S. from the Rockies east to New England. On Tue. Marquette had a high/low of 26/7. Doe Lake bottomed out at 4 above zero. Munising still had 33″ of snow on the ground. On Tue. the warmest place in the U.S. was Immokalee, Florida with a scorching 99 degrees. The coldest spot was Sawmill Park, Wyoming. They dipped to -18.

Heavy rains have hit Hawaii. A flash flood watch was issued for the entire state. Rainfall amounts included 1.6″ at Honolulu, 3.41″ at Hilo and 6.34″ at Kealakomo.

Also: 100 yards of the Petoskey Trail collapsed into Little Traverse Bay. Lots of record low temperatures in the Central U.S. Heavy snow for the Rockies. Magnolia sunset. Sunset in Lyndon, Washington. Cirrus clouds. Flash Flooding in Saudi Arabia. Hilda SC tornado classified EF3 with 145 mph winds. 17 tornadoes have been confirmed across Alabama on Easter Sunday.