Blue Cross Blue Shield steps up to help seniors

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Many of the changes we’ve been forced to make through the coronavirus pandemic have affected older Americans more than other age groups, cutting them off from family and other support systems. 

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is stepping up to help with a concerted effort to help senior citizens through several new and expanded programs. 

The insurance company says it’s heard from members they’re having an increasingly difficult time getting food and are feeling more isolated in general. 

Based on data they’ve received, Blue Cross is expanding meal delivery programs to the seniors who need it. They also plan to deliver more than 700,000 care packages across the state to seniors with Blue Cross medical plans. 

Those packages may include disposable thermometers, reusable face masks and information on how to access tele-health services, plus general information regarding COVID-19.

Blue Cross also plans to give seniors at increased risk of getting COVID-19, who also happen to live in areas with many confirmed cases, groceries from businesses offering delivery services. 

Medicare Advantage members can be tested for the coronavirus for free if they fall under the Center for Disease Control and Prevention criteria for testing. 

Those same members will be able to access telehealth care service for free until June 30, mental health online visits, a 24-hour nurse line and even waived refill limits for 30-day and 90-day maintenance medications.

For more information on Blue Cross Blue Shields response to the outbreak check out their website.