MHSAA shifts playoff classification

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — The Michigan High School Athletic Association on Monday rolled out changes to the way football playoffs will work.

A berth will no longer based solely on getting six wins. Instead, the strength of team’s schedules will count more, which should help districts set those schedules.

And division classifications are also being made well in advance of the season, based on second-semester student counts.

“I think most people like the fact they’ll know exactly if they are going to be in Division 3 or Division 6, MHSAA President Mark Uyl told News 8. “It’ll be easier for teams to know exactly who they are going to be competing against, it’ll help them scout and it gives folks a lot more lead time.”

Grand Rapids Catholic Central will make the jump from Division 4, where it is the reigning state champ, to Division 5.

But until the state lives coronavirus restrictions, student athletes won’t be practicing and there certainly won’t be any games.

“We’d love to get back to some summer activity, just so we can get kids together with coaches and just to be able to get some activity again,” Uyl said, but cautioned, “I’ve got a real concern for the fall. Because when it comes to Friday night, not just the players, but the band and student sections and communities coming out. If our communities can’t come out and gather this fall, which is part of Americana, the Friday night lights. that’s something that is a concern for us, But we’re willing to take things on a week-by-week basis, and hopefully everybody will do their part and we can have a normal fall, after the most abnormal of winters and springs.”