Snow Melting in the U.P.

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Posted: Apr 27, 2020 / 02:28 AM EDT Updated: Apr 27, 2020 / 02:28 AM EDT

This is the MODIS satellite picture from Sunday PM. It was mostly sunny around Lake Superior and you can see where there is still snow on the ground in the U.P.

The Marquette County Airport is down to 6″ of snow on the ground early Monday AM – with full sunshine and temperatures in the mid 40s Sunday afternoon. They had a foot or more of snow on the ground continuously from Nov. 28 to Apr. 24 at the airport. That’s 149 days or 41% of the year. The most snow they had on the ground was 39″ on Feb. 8 and on Mar. 6-7. They had over 30″ on the ground from Jan. 18 – Mar. 25.

For the season, the Marquette Airport has had 205.5″ of snow (above average).

Last year, they had 228″ of snow…and…last year they had measurable snow on 3 days in the month of May. That May snowfall totaled 5.9″ with the last measurable snow coming on May 19th. That day, Marquette never got warmer than the mid 30s.

Other snow depths Sunday AM included 20″ at Munising, 17″ at Painesdale, 10″ at Herman and 5 miles WNW of Michigamme and 7″ at the Hancock Airport.

Fortunately, the snowmelt has come without much rain, which minimized the threat of flooding.