Tuesday Could Be a Big Severe Weather Day

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Posted: Apr 27, 2020 / 03:10 AM EDT Updated: Apr 27, 2020 / 06:07 AM EDT

Severe Weather Outlook Area for Tuesday 4 28

Tuesday could be a big severe weather day across the Central U.S. There is a large Enhanced Outlook (in orange on the map above) from NE Texas to SW Missouri. The Slight Risk Area (in yellow) runs from the Chicago suburbs to the Gulf of Mexico and the Marginal Outlook (in dark green) comes up to Milwaukee, S. Lake Michigan and New Buffalo MI. SPC says:

 "Scattered to numerous severe thunderstorms are expected Tuesday across parts of the southern/central Plains into the lower/mid Mississippi Valley and Midwest. Scattered large to very large hail, numerous severe wind gusts (some significant), and a few tornadoes may occur." 

Today (Mon.) there is a relatively small Marginal Risk Area in W. Texas and a large area where a non-severe thunderstorm is possible. A severe thunderstorm has either hail 1″ in diameter or greater, wind damage or measured winds of at least 58 mph.

Moon and Venus

Sunday night you may have seen the crescent moon and Venus to the right of the moon. Venus will continue to be relatively bright and fairly high (for Venus) in the western sky.

Alpena glerl

This was sunset in Alpena Sun. evening (from NOAA Coastwatch/GLERL). In June, the sun will be setting on the right side over by the twin towers of St. Anne’s Church. Now that we can fish from motorboats, we saw them on the webcams wherever there was relatively calm water.

South Haven Beach Sun. 4 26 20

This was the S. Haven Beach, where the wind came up and the kite sailors came out. The wind was north, so south of the breakwater/pier the lake was fairly calm. Here at the S. Haven beach, the high temperature Sunday was 50.7° at 10 am with a northeast wind off the land. By 11 am, the wind had shifted to the north off the water and the temperature had dropped to 44.6°.

Sunset at the Muskegon Beach on Sunday 4 26 20

At the Muskegon Beach, the high temperature Sunday was 58.8° at 11 am when the wind was northeast off the land. Then the lake breeze kicked in and the temp. fell to 50.5° by noon and down to 45.3° at 1 pm. With full sunshine, the temp. fell 13.5° in two hours.

Grand Rapids National Weather Service Graphic on Monday’s Weather

Here’s the Grand Rapids National Weather Service graphics on today’s weather. We start with some sunshine (sunrise now at 6:43 am). Clouds spread in from northwest to southeast during the midday/early afternoon. We’ll have a chance of showers from northwest to southeast during the late afternoon through Monday night. More showers and a chance of a thundershower from Tues. night into Thursday. Breezy to windy on Thursday. Nice weather for this coming Friday and probably Saturday.

Also: Building and billowing. Polar blast on the way for S. Australia. Some snow for the higher elevations of NY and New England. SpaceX satellites passing over W. Michigan. There are hundreds of these communications satellites in space now and in not too many years, there will be thousands. Needed rain on the way for a good part of S. America. First ever picture of a tornado in 1884. Florida sunset. New Orleans sunset. Michigan sunset. Average U.S. price of a gallon of gas is $1.73. Kelvin-Helmholz clouds (and a dog).