Bill’s Bird Feeders Trashed! Was it the “Walker Bear”??

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Posted: Apr 28, 2020 / 07:50 AM EDT Updated: Apr 28, 2020 / 09:22 AM EDT

Trashed bird feeders April 28

My bird feeders were trashed last night. This was not the work of the family of squirrels that live in that silver maple tree and feed daily…and sometimes all day…at the feeders (that’s OK – plenty for them, too). Note the bent poles…that was securely anchored…so it had to have been something fairly heavy to do that. Could it have been the Walker bear?? Whoa! I just read that a black bear was killed by a motorist at Alpine Ave. and I-96…that’s about a mile from where I live. Maybe this was his last meal??

Backyard gate at the Steffen house

This is the backyard gate…closed…so, something climbed over the fence. Nice sunrise this AM, BTW.

One more pic. of the feeders under the big silver maple tree. There was a heavy dew this AM and northwest of G.R. there was some patchy heavy fog.

Fog this morning at the Muskegon Channel

This picture about an hour after sunrise shows the fog at the Muskegon Channel. There is one boat and a couple of fishermen on the breakwater (pier).

Ducks in my backyard

It’s now 9:05 am and I have had 2 ducks walking around my backyard for the past 20 minutes. So far this morning, I’ve had a possible bear…6 squirrels, chipmonks, a variety of birds, inc. two different kinds of woodpeckers and now the ducks. In the middle of this…I did make breakfast this AM for the two of us…eggs, bacon, toast and blueberry tea.