Royal Oak — The Royal Oak City Commission voted Monday to censure a commissioner who was one of thousands to attend the “Operation Gridlock” protest on April 15 in Lansing, according to a media report.

WXYZ-TV reports that the commission voted to censure Kim Gibbs, a Republican, in a 5-2 vote. The vote tally was not immediately available online, and members of the commission contacted by The Detroit News did not immediately respond.

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The censure calls for Gibbs to resign from the commission.

“We, the members of the Royal Oak City Commission, do hereby censure Commissioner Kim Gibbs for her violation of her oath of office, her violation of executive orders issued under the Michigan Constitution and state laws, and in violation of her duty to protect the public health and safety,” reads the last paragraph of the censure. “We respectfully request that Commissioner Gibbs immediately resign her office as city commissioner.”

Royal Oak Mayor Michael Fournier, a Democrat, called for Gibbs to resign after she was spotted at the protest, saying she acted with a “complete lack of judgment.”

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“I have significant concerns about her ability to represent our city,” Fournier told The News days after the protest. “Moving forward, it shows a complete lack of judgment and empathy for all of those who have succumbed to this disease, their families and especially those on the front line working their tails off to keep us safe and healthy.”

Gibbs, who could not immediately be reached, told The News previously that she attended the protest in support of small businesses and employees affected by the Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s stay-at-home order.

“The governor’s lockdown is arbitrary and capricious,” Gibbs said previously.

The censure says that “by failing to obey the safe-distancing order in the middle of a large public gathering and without a protective mask, Commissioner Gibbs violated her oath of office to support the Constitution of the State of Michigan…”

Gibbs denied putting anyone at risk, said she knew she didn’t have the virus and said she kept her distance from other protesters.

“I’ve been checked for COVID-19 and am not carrying the virus; thus, I was no threat to anyone,” Gibbs said. “I maintained CDC social distancing guidelines at the rally.”

Gibbs has said she’s received threats after participating in the rally and has been granted police protection.

Whitmer said at the time that the demonstration would “come at a cost to people’s health,” and claimed that the gridlock blocked the path of ambulances.

Police and hospital officials rebutted the claim that the protest blocked ambulances. 

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