Layoffs at Spectrum Health imminent

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Spectrum Health is preparing for layoffs as it works to cut costs because of decreased revenue linked to the coronavirus pandemic.

“Roles that are being eliminated are not ones that care for patients,” Spectrum Health said in a Wednesday statement.

A spokesperson declined to provide details on precisely how many people will be laid off or when the layoffs go into effect.

The spokesman also wouldn’t comment further on whether the hospital hopes to bring those workers back once the pandemic is over, though the statement read in part, “With the accelerated rate of change in the organization’s operations, there will be some positions that will not be needed in the future.”

The hospital announced several other cost-cutting measures, including pay cuts for executives, earlier this month and warned at the time that layoffs may become necessary.

Spectrum is not alone. With elective surgeries not happening to make sure hospitals have space for COVID-19 patients and to help prevent transmission of the disease, health systems across the state are not seeing their normal revenue and many have had to lay off workers.

“Our revenue is decreasing, and expenses have increased as a result of this pandemic. This financial impact is far-reaching and will suppress our health system’s revenues for the remainder of the year, making a course correction imperative,” Spectrum’s statement read. “We made very difficult decisions that will reshape our organization going forward. We must act responsibly for the long-term, so that Spectrum Health can serve our communities for years to come.”