Priority Health uses predictive analytics to support members

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Priority Health is relying on predictive analytics to help support members during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Previously, the insurance company has relied on the approach to identify ways members prefer to receive information related to their individual plans and better personalize the type of information sent about benefits. 

In response to the pandemic, Priority Health is now identifying members who could use extra support and advice in navigating current health concerns based on their health history and age. 

The result can be as simple as singling out and notifying someone who may benefit from filling prescriptions online rather than traveling in person and, thus, minimizing any potential exposure to the virus.

“We have a lot of information about our members, I mean, as you would expect. We’re a health plan,” Nathan Foco, Priority Health vice president of marketing and customer experience, told News 8. “We know their age and gender. We know where they live. We also know a lot about their claim history.”

Foco added all of the member information used in the analytics is already available through each person’s selected plan and privacy measures are taken to ensure the information is protected. 

“We use this information to help inform our members,” he said. “We want to make sure that we do everything we can to help keep our members safe and healthy. So, with the information we have on our members, we want to reach out to them to let them know how they can get the most out of their plan.”

Foco spoke about the usage of predictive analytics on the 7 on 8. You can learn more by watching the video from his interview.