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Posted: May 1, 2020 / 05:14 AM EDT Updated: May 1, 2020 / 06:02 AM EDT

I’ve got mostly good news to share this Friday AM. We’ll see a lot of sunshine today. Temperatures will be warmer…up to the mid 60s (though only low 50s at the Lake Michigan shoreline) and we’ll have a mostly dry and warm weekend with afternoon temps. pushing up toward 70 degrees (again cooler near Lake Michigan). There could be a brief, light passing scattered shower on Saturday, but most of the day will be dry.

After that, we trend back to the April pattern of an upper level trough in the East and ridge in the West. That means another couple weeks with cooler than average temps. in the East and early summer heat in the West. Keep in mind that the average high temperature is 65 today…rising to 70 mid-month…so a little below average temps. is still pretty nice. April ended 3.8 degrees cooler than average.

Above is the 6-10 day forecast from the Climate Prediction Center. It has a high probability of cooler than average weather for the Great Lakes and much of the East. With this in mind, hold off planting frost sensitive plants. We’ll probably have at least a couple chances of frost/freeze in the first half of May. Much of the area has pretty wet soil after the heavy rain this midweek.

Flooding in Holland. (April 30, 2020)

This is flooding in Holland on the South Shore of Lake Macatawa. There was similar flooding in Grand Haven/Spring Lake and at South Haven.

Graph of the Water Level of Lake Michigan Thursday

This is a graph of the water level of Lake Michigan on Thursday at Ludington. It peaked in the PM here. I would guess that the peak was even more enhanced south of Little Sable Point.

Big Waves at Michigan City, Indiana Thursday PM

Several factors came together to make this a significant event. First, of course, were the strong winds. There were gusts to 45 mph at the shore. That strong wind pushes the water toward the shore. It caused the water level to rise enough that the water flowed back into the connecting ricers and lakes (Spring Lake, Lake Macatawa). There was also a period of strong east winds up by the Mackinac Bridge, which can push water from Lake Huron into Lake Michigan. We also had heavy rain. The highest total was 4.8″ at Spring Lake. That boosted the water level and caused significant runoff into the rivers. In the pic. above, a wave is crashing over the top of the catwalk. Winds will be much lighter today and over the weekend.

ALSO: Check out the “Tumbleweed Tornado” (actually a dust devil).