Showers Today (Thu.) – Dry for Fri. and Most of the Weekend

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Posted: Apr 30, 2020 / 05:56 AM EDT Updated: Apr 30, 2020 / 07:32 AM EDT

High Temperaturs across the U.S. this Thursday

Some of the coolest air in the U.S. will be over Michigan today, as you can see on the high temperature map for today. Temperatures will be a good 10° cooler than average this PM in W. Michigan, closing out a cool month. For April 1-29, April has been 3.7° cooler than average. This makes 3 Aprils in a row that have been cooler than average and 4 of the last 5. We’ve had over 4″ of precipitation this month in Grand Rapids. On Wed., 2.44″ of rain fell in Muskegon, MI, which shattered the daily record of 1.50″ set way back in 1909. Daily record rainfall at Houghton Lake (1.47″), Traverse City (1.53″), 1.70″ at Saulte Ste. Marie and Alpena (1.85″). After some scattered, mainly light showers today, we’ll have a drier pattern for Friday – Monday.

Precipitation over the next 7 days

Here’s expected precipitation totals for the next 7 days in the U.S. from the Weather Prediction Center. Some of the rain on the East Coast will occur today. There will be some beneficial rains in the Plains and dry weather for much of the deep South and Southwest.

Lakeshore Flood Warning/Advisory

A Lakeshore Flood Warning (south of Holland) and Lakeshore Flood Advisory (north of Holland) remain in effect until 8 pm. Wind gusts of 30-40 mph from the N-NW are likely today with waves increasing to 4-8 feet on the lake. You can check winds and waves at the Lake Michigan buoys.

Utqiagvik, Alaska Wed. AM

Utqiagvik (Barrow), Alaska dipped to -20F Wed. AM – the latest in the year they have ever been this cold. The camera here looks out over the Arctic Ocean – still plenty of snow here as we start the month of May.

ALSO: Dubai dust devil. Surfing the blue wave. Bridge collapse. The recorded low of -20.0°C on April 23 at Kapuskasing Airport, Ontario was the latest -20°C on record. Previous was April 13, in 1947. Rkept since 1937. There’s still a lot of snow on the ground north of Sault Ste. Marie. Over the last week, Phoenix AZ has been 8 deg. warmer than average. Las Vegas was 99 deg. on Wed. – tying warmest ever in April. Death Valley reached 111 deg. New Orleans sunset. Timelapse sunset. 3.15″ of rain in 6 hours at Caruaru, Brazil. From Iceland, which has the most extensive testing in the world: “We have not found a single instance of a child infecting parents.” Awesome mammatus. Rainbow of the day. Timelapse mammatus.