Melania Trump honors West Michigan teacher

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — It was a very special National Teachers’ Day on Tuesday for one West Michigan woman when she received a phone call from first lady Melania Trump.

Katelynn Bazen is a kindergarten teacher at Plymouth Christian School in Grand Rapids.

“It not something you ever think is going to happen to you, so I definitely was surprised and honored,” Bazen said.

She did get a small heads up. The night before, she got a call asking if she was interested in receiving the phone call.

“She was very genuine, just very curious about how my students and I are coping with the current situation, how I’m handling it as a teacher and how I’m handling it having two little kids at home as well,” Bazen said of the conversation.

The phone call lasted six minutes. Bazen said the First Lady did not seem rushed at all and she was easy to talk to.

“She thanked me over and over again for everything I do and everything all of the teachers are doing right now,” Bazen said.

Bazen said she hasn’t yet had an opportunity to tell her kindergarten class about the phone call. She holds regular Zoom meetings with her students and plans to tell them in their next Zoom meeting.