Saints’ Carr on wife’s positive COVID test, baby, next season

UNDATED (WOOD) — While he works to stay in shape before the next season of NFL football — whenever that may be — News Orleans Saints receiver Austin Carr is also adjusting to fatherhood.

There was a moment of fear as his wife Erica was in labor and learned she had tested positive for coronavirus.

“We figured we might have had it a few weeks beforehand because we had had some symptoms there were COVID-19-related. We thought we had both beat them because we were both asymptomatic and we felt fine. And then she tested positive … as we’re going through labor, contractions are coming,” Carr said. “I just remember her looking at me with a shocked and almost fearful look on her face. Lucky for us, I was able to be with her, I was able to reassure her, tell her, ‘Hey, it’s OK, we knew this was a possibility.’”

Their son Clive was ultimately born without complications. A month later, both Clive and Erica are healthy.

==Above, meet Erica and Clive and hear more from Carr about why you can expect NFL players to still be playing at a high level when games resume.==

“Had to labor with the N95 mask, which was a little different,” Erica said.

“None of our prebirth classes really told us how to labor in a N95, but it worked out,” Carr joked.

Carr tested positive for COVID-19 antibodies, which indicates his body had an immune response to the virus, and at the end of last season, he suffered an ankle injury.

“I have been staying ready by making sure I am rehabbing and staying in shape after having ankle surgery,” Carr said.

He said NFL players are eager to get to work and want to “put the product on the field,” in part to help raise morale and in part to raise revenue to help communities.

He said if his pay and benefits are maintained, he would be willing to sign a waiver to keep playing and he thinks many others would, too.