The Amazing Eruption of Mt. St. Helens – 40 Years Ago Today

Water levels on the Great Lakes remain at record or near record levels for May (except for Lake Ontario).

The water level of Lake Superior is unchanged in the last month, but the level is down 5″ in the last year. Precipitation has been running below average in the Lake Superior basin. Marquette MI has had 82% of average precipitation this month, Sault Ste. Marie MI has had 81% of average precipitation since May 1 and Duluth MN has picked up just 35% of average precipitation since April. Duluth has had just 71% of average precipitation since Jan 1. With less precipitation, the water level of Lake Superior has fallen since May 2019. This means the water coming down the St. Marys River into Lake Michigan/Huron has dropped a bit…currently 96,300 cubic feet per second. This is good news for those dealing with high water levels on Lakes Michigan, Huron and Erie. The water level of Lake Superior is still 10″ above the May average level, but it’s 6″ below the record May level set in May 2019.