Lake Michigan rises 2 inches in 1 week

DETROIT (WOOD) — Heavy rains pushed Lake Michigan up 2 inches in just one week.

Lake Michigan is now 5 inches above the all-time record for May set in 1986, making it a certainty the lake will set a record for the fifth straight month.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ weekly report released Friday shows Lake Michigan is up 5 inches in the past month and now rests 8 inches higher than one year ago. It is forecasted to rise another 2 inches by June 22.

“After being largely absent in the region the first 2 weeks of May, rain’s re-emergence was substantial over the past 7 days,” the report detailed. “Chicago was deluged with almost 8 inches of rain. Muskegon was inundated with almost 3.5 inches of rain. The area between Midland and West Branch received 4 to 7 inches.”

Lake Michigan is 3 feet above the average water level for May.

Here’s a look at the other Great Lakes:

  • Lake Erie is 2 inches above the May record (2019).
  • Lake Superior is 5 inches below the May record (2019).
  • Lake Ontario is 18 inches below the May record (2017).

Lake Michigan and Lake Huron are treated as one lake by the Army Corps.


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