Tigers’ Boyd and wife fight human trafficking in Uganda

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — With the coronavirus pandemic keeping professional sports games from happening, athletes have more time to focus on other projects. For Detroit Tigers pitcher Matthew Boyd, that’s the fight against human trafficking.

Boyd and his wife Ashley founded Kingdom Home in Uganda, which works to protect children from trafficking.

“My wife had actually visited Uganda,” Boyd explained how they got started. “She spent some time there in high school, really had a heart for the country, understood some of the issues that were present there. And an opportunity presented itself where we could kind of link arms with them and start our own nonprofit specifically focused in Uganda, and that’s what we did. She opened up my heart to this issue and really showed me how big of an issue it is, not only in Uganda but all over the world, including in our own country. It’s cool to see God take it so far and continue to grow it.”

He said it was a calling made possible by his support structure and resources.

“God keeps leading us in this,” he said. “We’ve been renting the homes (for children), then we bought the land. Now we’re building homes. We’re starting construction on multiple homes now. It’s exciting. It’s really exciting. Before you know it, this can be a place that is a forever home that they can continue to find a refuge in. Who knows where the end will be? But the goal is to end the child sex trade and we believe we can do it.”

==Above, Boyd discusses negotiations between MLB team owners and players.==

Boyd described human trafficking as a “monstrosity” that “does not get brought to the light enough” and noted that one of the best ways to fight it is to educate people on what it looks like.

You can learn how to sponsor a child by going to KingdomHome.org.