Don Carey discusses need for social justice

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Social justice and sports have long gone hand in hand. It’s helped spark conversation and at times has helped lead to change.

Don Carey grew up in Grand Rapids, played for the Detroit Lions and was recently elected as a city councilmen in Chesapeake, Virginia. Carey joined New 8 in a conversation that had nothing to do with the game of football.

He shared his thoughts on the events that have unfolded across the country over the past week.

“I think first when you want to talk about the protests, you have to put things in the proper categories. There are a group of people who are peacefully protesting the horrific events that happened to George Floyd in Minnesota. These are people who are as hurt as I am. These are people who have a righteous indignation, who are protesting for justice to be brought forth,” Carey said. “Then there’s another group of individuals, many of whom aren’t from the communities they are rioting or looting in. I think that’s egregious in itself.”

Carey says that he wants justice for Floyd. He also says it’s important to be strategic like Martin Luther King Jr. was during the Civil Rights Movement.

Throughout the years, athletes have been vocal about social justice. Carey says it isn’t difficult to let your voice be heard.

“Every person must count the costs of the words they say, the things they are trying to support and the causes they are trying to bring light to,” Carey said. “You can make your voice heard, but are you willing to accept the blow back that could come from it.”

The full interview can be watched in the video player above.