Rally on the road, protestors against end of rent moratorium

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — People will get together in Grand Rapids tonight to protest in what they’re calling a “no rent rally.”

The governor’s moratorium ends Thursday, June 11 and renters are afraid they could face mass evictions.

The groups calling for change are No Rent Michigan and The Grand Rapids Area Tenant Union. They have a full list of demands which include rent suspension and forgiveness, an extension of the eviction moratorium and a postponement of utility shutoffs. 

Participants will make their case during the car rally at Garfield Park in Grand Rapids starting at 7 p.m. Tuesday.

On the groups Facebook page, they claim housing issues transcend racial justice issues, they say “Black people have faced the brunt of the burden from COVID-19… they will also be disproportionately be impacted by the end of the moratoriums.”

They hope city leaders address their demands and help black and white renters alike, giving them more time to catch up on their rent payments as some landlords are demanding full back payment on every month missed as soon as the moratorium ends.

This protest will take place in individual vehicles, organizers ask everyone to please bring masks and remember to practice safe social distancing guidelines if there is a need to interact with others at the event.