Last Day with Long Hair

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Posted: Jun 17, 2020 / 03:44 AM EDT Updated: Jun 17, 2020 / 04:27 AM EDT

Thursday (if the plan works out), I’m getting a haircut. I haven’t had a haircut in 3 1/2 months. I’ve done a pretty good job of slicking it back, but seeing as this is the last day (Wed.), I might just do the 70s look and comb it over my ears. Here’s a pic. of me (and Craig James) with longer hair. The pic. might be from 1975.

Being as I’m in that older age group and I have a couple of medical issues that might make a bout with COVID-19 a little rougher…I’ve done (IMHO) a very good job of sheltering at home. I’ve only been off the property a few times since I started this on March 12. I’ve got my surgical mask and I’ve done the social distancing in the few times I’ve been around other people. My kids have picked up groceries for us. The equipment here in the “man cave” has worked perfectly and I really, really want to thank Ellen, Emily and intern Blake for making and loading some graphics for me (I do the forecast).

My cats have become celebrities. Video of the cats was on Jimmy Kimmel and here on YouTube (at the moment) this video has had 234,774 hits and 826 comments (which I haven’t looked through yet. This is one of several videos of the cats that have been circulating. The cats have free run of the house and a senior cat will sleep for 12-14 hours a day. So, they only make an occasional appearance. Sometimes they are nearby, but not in camera view. I have had so many emails and messages about the cats and the backgrounds that my wife and I have been changing up.

People have asked about Matt Kirkwood. He was off on medical leave for a few weeks and we hope to have him back next week. Terri’s been working most of the morning shift by herself (which can be a real challenge), so I salute her as well. There’s still some virus going around, though it appears to be fading – I intend to keep up the precautionary lifestyle a bit longer until this has pretty much passed.