Sun-a-thon Goes On and On!

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Posted: Jun 17, 2020 / 04:12 AM EDT Updated: Jun 17, 2020 / 04:12 AM EDT

Sunset at South Haven on Tue. 6 16 20

The pic. is sunset at South Haven. It’s only right around the Summer Solstice that you can see the sun set in this shot from the GLERL camera on the South Haven Lighthouse. Tuesday, we had 99% of possible sunshine. The last four days we’ve had 97%, 100%, 100% and 99% of possible sunshine. For the month of June, we’ve had 88% of possible sunshine, with 9 of 16 days having over 90% sun. The sunniest June we’ve ever had was 85%. My tomato plants are growing nicely.

Tuesday was a very calm day…the average wind speed in Kalamazoo from midnight-to-midnight was only 1.9 mph. In Grand Rapids it was 2.7 mph. At the buoys, the waves were running at 3-4 inches. The month of June is now 0.6 deg. warmer than average and the 1.6″ of rainfall is about 1/2″ below average. The combination of dry weather, sunshine and a little lower humidity has been favorable for lowering the water level of area rivers and probably lowering the water level of Lake Michigan by an inch.

Winter the dog and some pretty roses

We really have some nice flowers blooming at the Steffen house. This is “Winter”, my daughter’s dog. Behind her are roses that bloom in early June (about a week later than average this year). These roses bloom for about a week, then they are done…very beautiful this year.

Roses given to us when my wife’s mother passed away

This rose bush was a gift to remember Gayle’s mother when she passed away. The birdbath sure had had a lot of use. I try and clean it daily.

Wild rose bush

This is a wild rose bush – just to the left of the birdbath. It’s also in bloom. There are almost always birds in this rose bush…hiding, looking for a safe time to get a drink of water.

Roses in the corner of the yard

These roses are also pretty much at peak. The storm last week bent a couple of branches out – They look fine the way they are, but I should get them tied back where they are supposed to be.

Iris and roses

These iris are a littel past peak, but still nice. All the flowers have had plenty of rain and sun of late. I think I’ve cut the grass more this spring than in any of the 42 years I’ve been here.

Wild daisies

The peonies are dying off – they were beautiful last week and the week before. I have Shasta daisies, but these are just plain wild daisies. You’ll see them in mid-late June along the side of the roads.

Roses in the front yard

These are roses in the front yard and a couple more wild daisies. Being home a lot, I’ve been able to enjoy the yard and the flowers and see a lot of pretty sunrises and sunsets.