Coast Guard Marquette Station celebrates one year since dog adoption

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) — One year ago, the U.S. Coast Guard Marquette Station adopted two dogs in line to be euthanized and gave them a forever home.

“Their backstory was that they were almost unfortunately put down in a shelter in Missouri,” Petty Officer II Terry Bailey explained. “UPAWS took them in and then we got the opportunity to adopt both of them on June 18th of last year.”

In the past year, 3-year-old brothers Thor and Loki, Vizsla pointer-lab mixes, have left quite a mark with the station.

“They keep the crew comfortable and happy,” Bailey said. “We use them for our Facebook page for the Safety Tip Tuesday. I know that’s been something that’s big that we’ve been using them for. (They) were advanced a couple months ago so they are petty officer third classes, officially. They’re just wonderful station dogs and we love them. The station wouldn’t be the same without them anymore.”

Thor and Loki also help the Coast Guard connect with the public.

“It’s a fun time watching the community come and interact with them through the gates and people walking up and down the breakwall with their beloved pets,” Bailey said. “Thor and Loki get a long great with everybody. It’s just a very fun connecting point within the community.”

The Coast Guard members say the brothers are spoiled and loved. They’re happy they could give these two a second chance at life.

“They were three days away of being put down, to a week later being able to live at Coast Guard Station Marquette among 20 to 18 people at a time that are going to show them unconditional love. It’s a special place,” said Bailey. “The back story is definitely the most sentimental thing that the crew holds onto here. We’re just so thankful that the dogs came in and they accepted us as we accepted them and we’ll never look back.”