Still no charging decision in buggy crash that killed 3

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Nine months have elapsed, and the Eaton County prosecutor’s office is still mulling whether charges will be filed against the man who crashed into an Amish buggy killing three children.

Ronald Ramsey, 83, was behind the wheel of his SUV on Sept. 18 when he says he didn’t see a horse-drawn Amish buggy and crashed into it.

The crash killed three children between the ages of 6 and 13 identified by family as Caleb, Fannie Mae and Elizabeth Miller.

Officials with the Eaton County Prosecutor’s office said no decision had been made on the matter as of Tuesday morning because prosecutors still need more information.

“We’re waiting for another governmental agency,” Eaton County Prosecutor Doug Lloyd told News 8 Tuesday.

Lloyd would not say what information his office was waiting for or what agency is responsible for information he still needed “in order to be fair to everyone in my charging decision”.

The crash investigation was handled by the Eaton County Sheriff’s office, where officials said their investigation was complete when News 8 asked about the case Tuesday.

“We have turned everything over to the prosecutor’s office for their determination,” Jerri Nesbitt, a spokesperson for the sheriff’s office said.

“The agencies we are waiting for were down to only essential functions,” Lloyd said, indicating that the coronavirus shutdown impacted the flow of information. “We’ve obviously been in touch with the family and they’re well aware.”

Loved ones of the Miller children said they harbored no ill will against Ramsey shortly after the crash. In fact, Ramsey told News 8 that he had been showered with expressions of love from members of the Amish community who knew and loved the children, including the victims’ family.

Ramsey said he received cards of sympathy from those realizing the horrific impact the crash had on him as well.

Lloyd had no timeline on when information his office needs to come up with a decision might be provided or when a decision might be made.