Boaters are gathering Friday for the annual Jobbie Nooner party on Lake St. Clair under sunny skies — though a chance of storms could rain on the party parade.

Revelers gathered along Gull Island in St. Clair County under the watchful eye of law enforcement, though they will not be policing social distancing for coronavirus concerns, they have said.

 “Everyone is just out for a good time and it’s a peaceful event. And since many of them are departing from Macomb County docks, we are out there to make sure they get to their destination safely and return from them,” said Macomb County Sheriff Anthony Wickersham, whose marine patrol will have several craft on site.

The weather forecast could prove tricky later in the day, as the National Weather Service says there is a chance for thunderstorms and high winds throughout much of Michigan, though particularly in southern Michigan.

The weather service also said tornadoes are a possibility late in the day.

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