Cooler at Lake Michigan

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Posted: Jun 29, 2020 / 03:01 AM EDT Updated: Jun 29, 2020 / 12:18 PM EDT

Lots of boats and the Muskegon Channel 6 28 20

Look at all the boats at the Muskegon Channel Sunday afternoon (6/28). It was cooler right at the shore. Here’s a look at high temperatures Sunday:

High temperatures Sunday

Kalamazoo the warmest at 88. Ludington made 81 before the lake breeze got in as far as the airport. The predominant wind was very light east-southeast. The lake breeze has a hard time penetrating very far inland, so it was about as warm at the lakeshore airports as it was inland.

South Haven Channel Sunday 6 28 20

This was the view from the South Haven Lighthouse Sunday PM – A fair number of people on the beach and quite a bit of traffic in the channel. The high temperature here at S. Haven was 78.8° at noon – then the lake breeze kicked in and the temperature fell a few degrees. At the Muskegon Channel, the high temperature was 77.5°.

At noon (Monday) it’s already up to 86 in Benton Harbor. Dew points have climbed to 72 at Benton Harbor and S. Haven. Here’s a noon pic. of the S. Haven beach:

South Haven Channel – noon Monday 6/29

Here’s the S. Haven Channel at noon Monday. We’ve already got a decent field of cumulus clouds. The temp. is up to 79 at the lighthouse (78 at the Muskegon Beach). Water temps. this AM included 66 at Pentwater and 64 at Muskegon St. Park. Reeds Lake water temp. is up to 78 at noon. There is still a chance of a random thundershower this PM – best chance southwest of G.R. The rest of the week looks hot and dry.

It’s been a pattern with light winds. The average wind speed in Kalamazoo on Sunday was only 2.3 mph. Winds will continue to be light most of the next 8 days.

With the heat building in this week, and generally light winds, the lake breeze should keep temperatures 5-10 degrees cooler at the shore than in areas farther inland.

Severe Weather Outlook Map for Monday 6/29

Here’s the Severe Weather Outlook Map from the Storm Prediction Center. Note the Marginal Risk area over much of Wisconsin, far Northern Illinois and the far western Upper Peninsula. SPC says:

Thunderstorms appear likely to develop along the eastern edge of the strongest instability from north-central Wisconsin south-southeastward into northern Illinois. Although deep-layer shear is forecast to remain relatively weak, the
steep low-level lapse rates may be enough for a marginal wind damage threat during the afternoon. 
Grand Rapids NWS Graphic on today’s weather (Monday 6/29)

Note that there is a risk of a General thunderstorm this PM in West Michigan…generally west of a line from Manistee to Hillsdale. If a few storms develop, they could form on the edge of the lake breeze about mid-afternoon in the lakeshore counties. While severe weather is not expected at this time, any storms that do develop may contain gusty winds and brief heavy rain.

ALSO – The Saharan Dust shouldn’t get as far north as Michigan. Up to 6″ of rain in NW England. Record high temp. in Miami on Sunday...where the record high is only 4 deg. higher than the average high. Nice double rainbow. Bright rainbow. Oh Deer. Ka-Boom! Cloud-ground lightning and faint rainbow on the left.

Power Outage Map 3:20 am Monday 6 29

There are still 752 Indiana Michigan Power customers without power this Monday AM after Friday night’s storm. This appears to be straight-line thunderstorm winds.

Pic. sent to me by Christopher Burrows of tree damage in N. Berrien/SW Van Buren Counties

And here’s drone video of the tree damage…very significant. More pics. As far as I know, no damage survey was done. Radar imagery and ground reports during the storm suggested straight-line winds/microburst. Here’s radar:

Click for latest Composite Reflectivity radar image from the Grand Rapids/Muskegon, MI radar and current weather warnings

And Regional Radar:

Central Great Lakes sector loop
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